| Wednesday, March 23, 2011 | |
Is it that important to have a friend? Or a best-friend?
Is it sounds that weird if we have no one of them?
I can't say which one is true and which one is wrong. Because, we're all need time to find all the meaning from this.
Having a best-friend(s) would be really funny! They will make you feel like you're living in your own world, where there is only you and them belong.
But, do you know whats happening with someone who doesn't have, even only one of them?
It sounds terrible, isn't it?
The problem, we don't know what people thinking about us. We don't know what they want from us. Is it good or bad, we don't know.
I'm thanking God, for having a best-friends like all of you. Yeah, ALL OF YOU. <3


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