| Friday, March 18, 2011 | |
I'm wondering what is he thinking about. Because, many times i caught myself was thinking about you. Sometimes, i realised that i'm smiling with no reason, i don't know what i'm thinking at that time. And sometimes, i feel annoyed when suddenly i remember about you. Yeah, you.
And until one time, i've found the reason, even it's only one, to not like-ing you anymore. Wait, is it mean that i like you before? Even i can't find any answer when some people ask me about this. I just don't get the point with it.

That one reason is, you are not that worth for me to liking you.

Until i found, that 'amazing' girl was falling in love with you. I dont't know whether you realised it or not. And, listen, i don't want know, even a single thing about that because it is so much better for me.
Over all, i just wanna say thank you (because i don't want to be the ungrateful one) for everything you did to me in the past. Now they're all just called as memories. Which is can't be replayed.
For you, girl, thank you for making me know about who you really are. You are not so different from those people who could not see other people happy. How about revenge? REVENGE? Ah, i'm too lazy for that, i'm just gonna sit here and let karma take cares of you. Just wait, till that time arrives ;)


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