Another hello to another Mr. Dimple

| Monday, April 4, 2011 | |
I met you a few days ago. Yeah, a few days ago. Because my friend brought me there, and you were there. So that is the way we met.
Firstly, i say that you cool enough and, my friend told me that you were clever and.... rich? I'm not thinking about your money, don't you be worry.
But, the thing that i'm thinking is, are you really clever enough? You're cool. You're good-looking with that braces on youtr teeth. I used to use the braces, but no longer braces-user. I miss my braces:(
Yeah, if i'm still using the braces, we have more same thing HEHEHE. Your dimples and your braces.
I want to know you more. Wait, i'm not serious for this.


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