underestimated. accused.

| Friday, April 1, 2011 | |
I'm fvcked up.
I'm being hurt.
I'm denied.
I'm being accused.
I'm feeling so terrible.
This is the reality of life. You're not always being happy and not always can smile.
For something that happened in your life, maybe some of them can make you sad, or even make you cry.
But, you must promise me that you'll never cry for the stupid thing, which is we called LOVE. Fvck!
This problem is the most that our teenagers faced. Oh, please, come on, open your eyes wide, and see this beautiful and large world contains so many boys or even man for you.
You don't have to cry for that boy that underestimate you, stupid.
They're such a jerk. They talk like a shit.
They just can't accept you as what you are. So, your tears not even worth for them. Better you waste your time by doing things you like. Reading book and listening to the current music you like maybe help you.
For you, in the outside there, that is always underestimating me, don't you relaise something bad that happens for you? You aren't that insensitive to know what God wanna tell you.
You have to pay more attention, jerk. The time will comes.
Just remember, who laugs lasts, laughs better ;)


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