I found out that.......

| Tuesday, April 5, 2011 | |
you're the same with others. Not too different, exactly.
Yeah, why you did that to me? You're looking me only as your friend, your best friend? Or what?
You have problems? Or even a problem? Just call me, and we'll sit together, i'll listen to every word that you said.
I'm not a good speaker, because of that i don't talk much. I prefer to being a good listener. Its better i think, aren't you?
What do you think about my feeling to that boy? Can i call him Mr. Cruel? Will you ask me why? I'll answer that he is not worth for you to liking him. HE IS JUST THE SAME. The boys are all same, they're bad.
I don't want you to cry because of him. I hope that your heart knocked when i was writing this.
And one more thing, i hope you can be like you used to be. Imissyou *whispering*

Love you much! ;)


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